[Edited 1745z] Ultra Weather XP V2.5.1 Released; Pro Version Cancelled

Alex John
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Edit 1745z: The "Pro" version of UWXP V2.5.1 has been confirmed as cancelled.

Ultra Weather XP has been updated to V2.5.1, following a long period of development. The update focuses on compatibility, fixes and enhancements all around, particularly with regards to cloud shadows. The complete changelog can be found below, sourced from the product page on the x-plane.org store.

  • Enhancing Clouds colors. especially blue color. some users reported as a violet another purple.
  • Enhance the shadow of clouds. the jagged shadow while looking down removed and adjusted automatically during moving view upward to prevent the shadow lines at the horizon. (you may found some moving jagged shadows while transferring the view down and up or horizontal view, and that due to a limitation on x-plane 11.30+ new shaders system which is taking ready for "Vulkan" which we never touched but the shaders affect the plugin somehow for sure) *remember UWXP does not control any shaders*.
  • Enhance Auto Night Haze, some cities didn't have any haze and the sky looks dark, now there is a little haze showing.
  • Decrease the brightness aircraft in the external view at night. (can't remove the full brightness we will lose the night haze then)
  • Airport lights turned on under overcast and turned off above overcast during day time, now the lights are off during day time even with overcast condition with the ability to turn it on again with the new checkmark "Overcast Airpot Lights"
  • Enhance the Sunset Sun Texture for all Clean, Mount, Hazy conditions, for all skies textures.
  • Changing the whole simulation lights which being turning on before sunset, now it has been delayed a little.
  • Changing UWXP Main Set button values and some of the selected settings.
  • Increase the value of the Moon Glow slider. (the moon glow affected by the Auto night haze system, so we've increased the value of it.) sometimes you can't see the glow due to the city size, then you need to ignore it or just turn off the auto night haze.
  • Enhancing the slider of Amount of clouds, now the clouds have a lower value at 0%.
  • Enhancing the amount of Amount of in Clouds Puffs, now the Flying through clouds puffs have a lower value at 0% (for the users who struggle with FPS even with FPS fix)
  • Enhancing the Disabling of Water Reflections, no more orange water at night.
  • Including Mac system, users cannot change textures Fixed.
  • Including Linux system, navigation screens turned off Fixed.
  • Including Windows 7, automatic system not working Fixed.
  • Including FPS++ Fix as a separate file. in case the user wants to use it. (find it inside the package in the "UltraWeatherXP" plugin folder )
  • Including the fix of removing showing clouds inside the cockpit.
  • Including the fix of conflicts with some aircraft's and external devices.
  • some background process improvements.

Existing users can get the upgrade for free. It is available to new users for $35.00 here.

On the contrary, the "Pro" version has been axed, following its revelation on Monday. In their Facebook group on Monday, Abdullah Almuntassir stated that "Ultra Weather XP V2.5.1 "Pro" project has been Canceled. No clouds draw distance increase anymore. We can live with X-Plane limitation."

Image courtesy of user timmetje2001 through our Discord server.

This post was later deleted, which was followed by reports of people being temporarily blocked from commenting in the group.

Abdullah then confirmed in the release announcement that "there is no pro version anymore." No reason or additional was provided surrounding the decision, and hence V2.5.1 "Pro" was not included in this release.

You can see what UWXP V2.5.1 "Pro" is about in Monday's news here.

Their Facebook page can be followed here.

Thanks to TongTwistTony for notifying us of V2.5.1's release in our Discord server.

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