Microsoft Releases Beechcraft Bonanza V35 for MSFS

August 19, 2022

Earlier this week, the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator announced the release of its newest aircraft - Beechcraft Bonanza V35.

The Bonanza, developed by Carenado and published in partnership with Microsoft, is the third aircraft in MSFS’s new Famous Flyers series. The plane is powered by a 6-cylinder Continental IO-520B piston engine and has a 900 mile maximum range. It also features an iconic V-shaped tail that works as “a hybrid of a rudder and an elevator”.

Unfortunately, neither Carenado or Microsoft released a feature list for the Bonanza. However, a trailer is available to those who are trying to catch a glimpse of what the aircraft has to offer.

Currently, the V35 can be bought in the ingame Marketplace for $14.99 USD. Microsoft has teased that the next aircrafts of the Famous Flyers series will be coming soon. Threshold will keep you updated on this front. Shout to themsmyshoes from the Official Threshold Discord for the news scoop.

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