Virtual Design 3D drops stunning recreation of Alicante-Elche Airport

Peter Tram
Thursday, September 13, 2018

Known for their intricate renditions of Chilean airports, Virtual Design 3D has set a precedent on how dynamic airports should be with the release of their first airport: La Florida Airport. Upon arriving at the airport, users are positively-stunned by animated people; the airport, populated with personnel placing cones and moving baggages around, passengers boarding and debarking, and an operating excavator.

Fast forward to the present, the developer now having released five stunning recreations, and they're back with the latest and most ambitious product yet: Alicante-Elche International Airport. Moving away from their home in Chile, they ventured to the country they declared independence from: Spain! The latest creation is also a sizable jump towards a major airport.

Their first Spanish airport, Alicante-Elche International Airport is the 5th busiest airport in Spain, and is home to multiple LCCs. With the same level of detail you'd expect from the previous works, their latest airport is a big jump from small to big, bringing over 300 objects to the package. Furthermore, the developer has rendered the Alicante Port with over 100 custom objects.

Feature list (Paraphrased):


  • Full interior modeling of main floor terminal (Very detailed).
  • Ambient occlusion in main textures.
  • (PBR) Specular maps for objects and ground poly.
  • Over 200 buildings, Highly detailed
  • Custom animated jetways. Custom texture and numbered.
  • Custom runways and Taxiways (with reflections form Normap Mapping)
  • Custom taxilines, borderlines and ground markings.
  • HDR lighting with custom night textures
  • Customized forest and vegetation 3D(Grass,Palms,plants).
  • Custom surrounding areas.
  • UHD  Spanish compatible.
  • World traffic 3 compatible
  • Animated walking patrons
  • Animated passengers boarding aircraft.
  • Animated helicopters (Spanish police).
  • Customized models for traffic vehicles to terminal.
  • Static objects, vehicles and aircraft.

Alicante Port with over 100 custom structures:

  • Santa Barbara Castle
  • Commercial Center Panoramis
  • Club Regates Alicante.
  • Casa Carboneli Alicante.
  • Restaurant Darsena.
  • Casino Mediterraneo
  • Hoteles Melía
  • Porta Maris.
  • Casa Del Mar
  • La Lonja Del Pescado
  • Restaurant Monastrell
  • Antigua Edificio  Sanidad
  • Antigua Estación
  • Estacion Autobuses
  • And many more

You can buy this extraordinary production here for just $20 ($19.99) bucks: LINK

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