Venom Zero Productions has released the F-5 Tiger II for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Venom Zero Productions has released the F-5 Tiger II for Microsoft Flight Simulator via SIMMARKET! The F-5 is a light supersonic fighter designed by Northrop, with the F-5 II being the most updated version. It is known for its sleek, slippery aerodynamics and maneuverable characteristics. In an air superiority role, it is also capable of ground attack. The US Air Force uses a variant of the F-5, the T-38 Talon, based on the N-156 design. This aircraft gained notoriety for its agile performance and is still in active service and holder of the International Fighter Aircraft Competition. Many countries worldwide utilize F-5 variants within their air forces, for example, the Norwegian Air Force, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Mexican Air Force, and even the Kenyan Air Force, to name a few. Powered by two GE J85-GR-21 engines with afterburning, it can produce a maximum of 5,000lbs of thrust. These GE engines help the F-5 reach speeds of nearly Mach 1.

Venom Zero Productions allows users to operate nine distinct liveries representing real-world operators, including the famous fictional MiG-28 from the original Top Gun movie.

The detailed 3D cockpit features all the details you would expect, including detailed backlit gauges and the ability to switch to Gun Reticle and Asobo Hud is as an added ease-of-use feature. External armaments and equipment include a range of drop tanks and weapons. Venom Zero Productions focused on the details of animating various parts and control surfaces to complete the immersive experience as well. Aim-9 MK-82 and GBU-12 will be managed through the aircraft payload and fuel system.

Avionics cover a basic autopilot system and a simulated radar scan; they note that this release is primarily for entertainment and not solely for a study-level combat simulation.

The F-5 can be purchased via SIMMARKET and easily installed using the Siminstaller MSFS Auto-Install and Update App, found here. The price runs from approximately USD 14.12 and can be found on the product page here.

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