Vertical Simulations Releases Long Island MacArthur (KISP)

Sam Clark
Friday, April 12, 2019

Our friends at Vertical Simulations have recently been making a name for themselves in the X-Plane scenery development scene, with another release coming today of the Long Island MacArthur Airport located in New York State, U.S.

Their current range is sceneries is composed of a variety of smaller American airports including Corpus Christi (KCRP), Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) and Providence (KPVD).

Here's the feature list provided for the scenery:

  • Autogate/all gate support (all gates are spawn-able)
  • 2019 version of the airport
  • Color graded/corrected ortho/blended ortho
  • Accurately/hand-placed vegetation/trees
  • PBR materials on buildings and ground textures
  • Accurately modeled buildings and lighting
  • Volumetric Grass
  • Full WT3/Livetraffic support (taxi routes)
  • Ground objects
  • HDR lighting in the airport vicinity
  • 3d animated ramp agents/workers/ground vehicles
  • Photorealstic texturing+ambient occlusion
  • Moving ground vehicles (with Groundtraffic plugin)
  • Good FPS on Low-to-high systems (all files converted to DDS)

You can purchase Vertical Simulations Long Island MacArthur Airport for $20.00 over on their website. As a side-note, if you're looking for more American sceneries, Vertical are currently running a sale on a range of their current products. You can see their full range here.

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