Vertical Simulations Announce Norfolk Airport

Luke Phillips
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Developer Vertical Simulations has announced their latest scenery: Norfolk Airport. The airport is located 3 miles North of downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk is the 70th busiest airport in the United States and is served by all major US airlines.

The feature list has many features:

  • Autogate support/all gates spawn able
  • Animated objects such as vehicles/ramp agents
  • Full WT3/live traffic/Pilot2ATC support (custom taxi routes)
  • PBR materials on buildings and ground textures
  • Volumetric Grass
  • Custom ordered HD imagery & colour corrected
  • Port & city will be a free add on
  • Good FPS on Low-to-high systems

Thanks to discord user ual763 for letting us know about this news. You can join the Threshold discord server here.
You can find the full announcement on their Facebook here.

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