Seafront Sims Teases Two New Vessels Products for MSFS

July 29, 2021

Earlier this week, Seafront Sims announced their first two global products for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Vessels: Global Shipping and Vessels: Enhanced AI. The two sister plugins will “fill the sim” with high quality fishing vessels, yachts, and cargo ships that follow realistic shipping routes.

According to the announcement, the first plugin Vessels: Global Shipping will “flood the seas with around 50,000 AI shipping routes and high quality, night-lit, PBR utility vessels, fishing and cargo ships”.

In addition, the various vessels’ wake will also be simulated.

The second plugin, Vessels: Enhance AI, will “overhaul/replace the default AI Boat traffic with high quality, night lit, PBR sailing yachts, catamarans, yachts, fishing, cruise, and cargo ships”. 

It is important to note that both plugins are required for each one to function properly.

Currently, Seafront Sims have indicated that the two sister plugins will be released in “the coming days”, though an exact date and pricing is not provided. 

For more information on the two products, checkout the developer’s website:

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