Orbx Releases Volanta Development Update 2

January 20, 2021

Orbx's answer to the likes of SimToolkitPro and projectFLY, Volanta, has seen its latest development update which addresses a number of additions since the October announcement.

"We’ve been receiving a tonne of valuable feedback from beta users in our Discord (over 1,000 Discord members so far!). If you haven’t received your invite yet, don’t worry, we’re sending more every day."

"Here’s a short update on some things we’ve been working on recently."

Firstly comes VATSIM air traffic control information, which gives Volanta FIR/UIR boundaries as well as indicators for approach, tower, ground and delivery depending on which station is online.

A top-down look is also available for certain airports, showing all online and applicable ATC for that airport (including the centre in which the airport is located).

More online networks are planned in future, according to the developers.

On another note, a quick toggle option is now available to change between 2D and 3D flight paths, with the latter projecting relative altitude over your actual flight path. The video below shows this toggle in action.

New challenges are available too, with approaches into Queenstown, New Zealand and Rio de Janeiro's Santos Dumont now rewarding users with a medal.

A large number of other changes have also been made, such as the ability to see all of your day's legs on the map and for X-Plane users, to automatically sense the aircraft registration based on the name of the livery in your simulator's livery folder.

More functionality is also promised with Volanta's rich Discord presence, which shows flight information to other users of the chat platform.

A public roadmap was also made available, which you can view here.

See the source post for this article on Orbx's forum.

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