Orbx Updates Volanta

April 18, 2021

After its initial release in late January 2021, Orbx has updated their flight tracking software, Volanta, to version 1.0.21. This update implements new features and fixes various issues.

With this update, Orbx aimed at adding various commands allowing users to simply search for a specific flight they completed more easily. Other changes include fixing flight plan import issues, simulation and airport detection along with more accurate coordinate placement.

The changelog for this update is as follows:

Searching and sorting the flight’s page:

The flight’s page now has more advanced searching and sorting, allowing you to search many properties of your flight. For example, to find all of your Jetstar flights between Melbourne and Sydney, you can search "jst origin:ymml destination:yssy".

The available tags you can search are:

  • origin: the origin airport's ICAO code
  • destination: the destination airport's ICAO code
  • registration: the aircraft's registration
  • aircraft: the aircraft's ICAO code

Other Changes:

  • Improved flight metadata storage (which simulator did you fly this flight in, etc)
  • Friends can now be removed from a right-click context menu. You no longer need to go to their profile
  • Updated translations
  • On the web, once you dismiss the "download Volanta" banner, it will stay dismissed
  • Screenshots can now easily be attached to an aircraft by clicking the empty spot above the callsign
  • Hovering over the block time and flight time will now show an in-sim time tooltip. This is useful if you use time acceleration in your flights
  • Aircraft page can now be sorted by airline ICAO
  • Improved helipad detection
  • Lists of flights will have better performance when loading and scrolling. This can be easily seen on the flights list, profile page, and aircraft pages
  • Improving parsing of SIDs, STARs and other coordinates
  • Fix Discord not authorising correctly if you're already in our Discord server

Flight Plan Import Fixes:

  • Departure and arrival not being picked up by the .pln parser
  • Better handling if ICAOIdent is missing
  • Improved formatting of parsed coordinates when the longitude second equals 0
  • Origin and destination ICAO codes are now taken from the route string itself, overriding what is selected in the UI
  • Zooms the map to show the whole route upon import

Orbx Volanta is available to download for free from the group’s website.

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