Video Preview of Ultra Weather XP 2.5

Sam Clark
Thursday, January 24, 2019

Ultra Weather XP has enjoyed a large surge in popularity in recent months, but the new found fame doesn't get to the heads of developers Abdullah, Awad and Diya Almuntassir - the brothers are continuing work on the weather plugin, with new previews of version 2.5 released earlier today.

In a post on the UWXP Facebook group, Abdullah Almuntassir runs members through what he showcases in the latest preview video.

"Okay here is the first test of new flying through clouds effect with the new look of stormy weather for the new upcoming Ultra Weather XP v2.5. The video shows the new flying through clouds effect of the upcoming UWXP v2.5 with the new look of clouds, the weather is multiple layers of different types of clouds, the lowest layer is scattered, middle is stratus, then we have overcast at higher altitude"

Note: the video has been sped up for viewing purposes.

Almuntassir makes it clear that v2.5 is still a work in progress, but he says a good release target is within the next month or two.

Join the Ultra Weather XP Facebook group here, or like their page on Facebook here.

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