Verticalsim Announces Price and Features for Tampa

Alex John
Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Verticalsim has published details about their upcoming Tampa International Airport scenery, including its price and features.

The developer opened up their post by admitting its price of US $24.99 may seem higher than usual, but explained that the scenery has taken a lot of time to develop.

"[...] please realize this project has taken me over 2-yrs to develop as this scenery is my most advanced and most expensive to develop," said Verticalsim.

Users familiar with the developer will know their existing products are cheaper than most other scenery products, such as their Eastern Iowa Airport Cedar Rapids for US $8.00 with a 20% discount, or Long Island Mac Arthur Airport, on sale for US $5.00.

A features list for Tampa, situated in Florida, is given below.

  • SAM plugin (for jetways)
  • Super high res (0.5ft) orthoimagery covering up till the airport boundaries (highest commercial grade imagery you can get on the market)
  • Custom hand-built mesh (with Ortho4XP patch), and compatibility with ORBX TrueEarth Florida (VStates users already have this built in and will need to not install mesh)
  • High res models of many of the areas landmarks (such as downtown, Rocky Point, International Plaza, etc.)
  • Ground-traffic (all the monorails on economy garage and terminal sides), car traffic, airport ground traffic, ramp workers, etc.
  • PBR implementation where possible
  • Realistic night lighting matching real life imagery taken at the airport
  • Support/free updates as the real airport receives them
  • World Traffic 3/Traffic Global compatibility with included taxi routes

The developer concluded: "Although I can't give an exact release date, be reassured TPA is in full speed; and very few things are left to do."

When Tampa is released, Threshold will ensure you are in the know.

The post can be viewed on Facebook. Fresh development screenshots are posted to their Discord server also, linked here.

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