Verticalsim Releases JARDesign A330 Cockpit Texture Pack and VCountries Ireland

July 6, 2020

Verticalsim Studios has today published two freeware additions for X-Plane users to enjoy, both to please the eyes as texture upgrades.

Beginning with a cockpit texture replacement for the JARDesign A330, Verticalsim posted said textures to the forum. Though little information was given, comments left on the file were positive with one user jokingly wondering if the developer ever sleeps.

The texture pack mod is available to download for free from today. The developer also added a donation link to the file for users who wish to offer additional thanks.

Their second release was something a bit more sizeable. Whereas Verticalsim is well known for their colour-corrected orthophoto coverage of the United States of America, the developer appears to now be branching out into other countries with the release of VCountries Ireland.

The package, with optional overlays to boot, comes in at some 48GB in size and is available through this link.

Additionally, the third and final release from the developer in the last 24 hours concerns VTrees, which is a modified vegetation addon, using real world forest data to accurately represent the look of trees. By default, this addon only works with in the United States, though the developer says if the user can obtain tree data for other nations, it's possible for it to work abroad too.

The package is available for free from

Last month, the developer released their rendition of Tampa International Airport, currently priced at US $23.48 on their website.

The airport includes this year's layout, highly detailed jetways based on airline and airside, hand-placed vegetation, custom mesh, and more.

Des Moines was unveiled as their next project later in the month though a development stream, though as it is in such an early stage, detailed previews are of course some time away.

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