Verticalsim Studios Debuts Myrtle Beach

November 16, 2019

Developer Vertical Simulations Studios has debuted their latest airport in the works for X-Plane, Myrtle Beach (KMYR). Announced on a post on their Facebook page the airport is shown to include 4k ortho imagery, extensive use of PBR and Autogate support (SAM support is said to be coming later). 

In the post, the developer also gave a price range and an estimated release period for the product when it releases which was stated to be anywhere between $16 and $20 and to release at the end of the month.

Myrtle Beach International Airport is a public-owned, public-use airport located three miles southwest of the centre of the central district of Myrtle Beach. The airport is the second busiest in South Carolina only falling short to Charlseton with over 2.4 million passengers in the year of 2018. The city of Myrtle Beach has a population of over 33,900 and attracts an average of 14 million visitors a year searching for its warm climate and large beaches.

The full feature list shown so far is as follows:

  • PBR Rain effects
  • Compatibility with VStates SC
  • Autogate, then SAM support later on
  • 4k ortho/aerial imagery from Harris Corp.
  • 3D ramp workers
  • Full WT3/traffic global support
  • Ambient Occlusion + photorealistic texturing
  • PBR on ground textures/buildings

Verticalsim Studios can be followed/liked on Facebook and the developer also has a website that can be found here.

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