VSKYLABS Releases Aeros-2 Ultralight Trike Project

Alex John
Thursday, October 3, 2019

Known for their experimental and unusual aircraft renditions based on real-world aircraft, VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations has added the Aeros-2 Ultralight Trike Project to their list of products available for purchase.

As has already been said, the ultralight is a hang glider that utilises a "high-performance Rogallo wing coupled to a propeller-driven three-wheeled undercarriage," according to the product page.

Like any hang glider, control is achieved by shifting the weight of one or two occupants on-board. The developer said: "While on the ground (takeoff for example), pushing the wing control bar raises the angle of attack of the wing and lift is produced," before describing in-flight maneuverability: "As the aircraft is airborne, moving the control bar of the wing causes the undercarriage to swift both sideways or back and forth, and a weight-shifting control is achieved."

The aircraft has the following as its main features:

  • VSKYLABS development for X-Plane approved by 'Aeros Ltd' company (however, it is an independent VSKYLABS project, not affiliated and/or endorsed with/by 'Aeros Ltd.')
  • High end simulation of the Aeros-2 Ultralight Trike, powered by a Rotax 503 50hp engine.
  • Designed with the focus on control and handling characteristics, excellent for basic and advanced hang glider trike training / conversion from fixed wing aircraft.
  • Real-Physics, incorporating weight shifting and wing simulation of a hang-glider trike.
  • Additional passenger which can be removed, to simulate light vs heavy trike operations.
  • Rescue system (Ballistic Magnum 450 system).
  • Unique trike flying aspects are being simulated: stalls, slips, spins and tumbling.

Further project highlights are available to view on the product page.

The Aeros-2 Ultralight is available at x-plane.org for US $20.00. Existing customers of the VSKYLABS Hang Glider Project can download this for free however. To quote the release announcement on x-plane.org: "You can download this project for free via your store account, visiting your Hang Glider Trike product download."

VSKYLABS post regular development updates to their Facebook page, available to view here.

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