VSKYLABS Publishes New Information of F4 Phantom for X-Plane

August 19, 2021

Earlier this week, VSKYLABS has published new information on its upcoming Test-Pilot F-4E Phantom II Project for X-Plane 11. The developers have stated the various goals they have set for the aircraft and the reasons behind their different choices.

According to the developers’ Facebook post, the aircraft is designed as “sandbox built for X-Plane” that will introduce the F-4 Phantom even to those with zero fighter jet/combat sim experience. The finished product will be accompanied by a “step by step guide” that will serve as a “practical pilot transition course onto the F-4”.

Additionally, the developers have indicated that the particular variant (the exact variant will be disclosed soon) of the aircraft is chosen to “specifically to allow focusing on the aircraft, its systems and how to operate and fly it, without too many distractions”. 

Finally, VSKYLABS have indicated that the aircraft can be flown not only as a fighter jet where supersonic flights, aerobatic handling, and heavy configurations are simulated, but also as a regular jet aircraft like a conventional private/commercial airplane.

Currently, VSKYLABS has not yet announced the release date or pricing of the currently work in progress F-4 Phantom. Threshold will keep you updated on this front. in the meantime, you can follow and join the conversation on the .org thread.

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