Veco Simulations Releases Trailer for T-38A

Veco Simulations have recently released the trailer for their first community mod for DCS - T-38A Talon. 

T-38 Talon is a two-seat, twinjet supersonic jet trainer produced by Northrop Corporation between 1961 and 1972. It was the first supersonic jet trainer, as well as the most produced jet trainer. After more than 63 years since its introduction, it has trained over 72,000 pilots in USAF and other NATO nations air forces, during the joint-training programs.

Due to SDK limitations, the development group decided to focus on the 1970s avionic configuration, which will allow them to add every functionality, without the need for other modules or sacrificing fidelity. The mentioned configuration features a functional UHF radio, intercom for communication between pilot and instructor in the back seat, TACAN, ILS, and a mechanical Flight Director system.

Veco Simulations’ rendition of T-38 will be released as a free standalone, full-fidelity, community mod. The trailer provided us with amazing shots of the aircraft's exterior and short sneak peeks of the untextured model of the cockpit. 

Currently, we have no feature list as of now, but we do however have an estimated release date! At the very end of the trailer, we could see 2025, which could be the possible release year. As of now, no more information about the release date has been released, however, as always, Threshold will keep you updated! 

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