Meet VStates: Vertical-Sim's Freeware Colour-Corrected Ortho Project

July 2, 2019

Our friends at Vertical-Simulations have just announced an expansion into the region-based scenery market with the release of VStates Florida, a new, colour corrected orthophoto project that aims to cover the entire United States mainland with photoreal ground textures.

The announcement came via the Vertical-Simulations Facebook page, where the developers discuss their vision for this project:

"The VStates ortho project is a project to ensure color-corrected ortho/satellite imagery for the entire US mainland region. Sourced from government sources it involves hand color graded tiles that integrate seamlessly with Ortho4XP. The imagery source is 97% cloudless and matches with most payware airports. Also included in these ortho tiles are the patch files for all US payware airports."

The feature list for VStates Florida and indeed future VStates products was also made available in the post:

  • Coverage of the whole mainland US
  • Works/mixes color-wise with most payware airports
  • Includes all patches of each payware airports
  • Hand-colored corrected for definition/vibrancy/sharpness
  • Built using Ortho4XP for easy integration to allow user functionality

VStates Florida is currently available for free from the Vertical-Simulations webstore, which you can find here.

The developer is still considering making the project payware though, which, in future, may range from $2-3 USD per state.

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