WBSim and JPLogistics Release Cessna 152 v2 for MSFS

WBSim and JPLogistics have recently updated their freeware Cessna 152 to version two, adding external eye candy, engine wear, plug fouling, custom instruments, and more. 

The 2.0 update adds an engine cowling and pitot tube cover, wheel chocks (except for the tail dragger variant), and engine realism improvements that include general engine wear, oil usage, overheating, plug fouling, correct pitot icing, and static port blockage. Instrument-wise, they have added a custom KAP140 and KR87 ADF, the option to have a PMS 750, an old ADF and transponder, a newer Garmin transponder, a KN64 DME (still work in progress), and an EGT gauge. The complete changelog/feature list follows down below:

## V2.0.0 - WBSim Initial Release

    - All previous model and texture issues are now resolved (THANK YOU Wombii)

    - Functioning External eye candy! (THANK YOU Wombii)

        - Engine cowling cover

        - Pitot tube cover

        - Wheel chocks (missing from tail dragger for now)

    - Engine related realism and failures added including

        - general engine wear

        - oil usage

        - overheating

        - plug fouling

        - correct pitot icing, both port and drain hole

        - static port blockage

    - Various selectable instruments

        - Custom KAP140

        - Custom KR87 ADF

        - PMS 750 option *

        - "old" ADF *

        - "old" transponder *

        - "newer" Garmin transponder

        - KN64 DME (kinda - WIP) *

        - EGT gauge

    - Flight model from base 152

    - Engine tweaks to align speeds and fuel with POH values

    - Corrected OAT gauge

    - Independent TACH and HOBBS times

    - Working breakers that may trip from time to time

    - Electrical overhaul (WIP, more to come)

    * usage of the 750 will force a few options due to equipment and space issues...

        - NO transponder choice, it's built in

        - NO DME

        - NO ADF choice, KR87 ONLY

        - It is how it is...

The Cessna 152 is a two-seat, fixed tricycle gear, general aviation airplane that was first produced in 1977 by Cessna Aircraft Company. The aircraft has a maximum speed of 124 mph and a range of about 480 miles. It’s known for its ease of handling and its ability to operate from small, grassy strips. It has proven to be a reliable and durable airplane, with many still in service today. Despite its age, it remains popular among flight schools and private pilots.

It’s available on Flightsim.to for free, requiring at least 472.37 MB of free disk space to install.

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