xAmbience Pro's Upcoming Weather Engine: "Weatherman"

May 1, 2021

nobody, apparently.

HighSkyTech has released Weekly Report #4 of their upcoming xAmbience Pro addon for X-Plane 11. This report focuses on the built-in weather engine named “Weatherman” and its accuracy to real-world data.

Weatherman, the group’s built-in weather program for xAmbience Pro, utilizes data from over 30 different weather sources which are then interpolated on a server before being sent to the simulator. 

HighSkyTech states that their weather program is more accurate than others for the following reasons:

  • Weather Engine uses data from various sources: NOAA, Satellites and local private weather stations around the world.
    Verifies them with high accuracy and, based on this, renders the weather bases on interpolation of data.
  • Weather Engine directly controls the "levers" of the render. Changes or increases the density of clouds depending on which clouds are above you.
    Changes the colours of the sky, changes other effects. Other weather engines don't do this.
  • Soft weather changes, the weather change is now smooth. No more jerks, clear wind changes, etc. Everything is soft like in real life.
  • Custom turbulence. No more chaotic rotations of the plane. Only soft air currents that will sometimes wiggle your plane.
  • Available custom offline weather themes. For those who want to experience everything.
  • Weather configurator is available with the ability to change and add up to 32 layers of clouds and wind, etc.

“The last tests are already beginning and very soon the final update on the development progress. It will be a little longer and will come out undated either this week or next”  HST adds. 

While no specific date has been established as a release date, the development team plans for a release within the next few weeks. For more information, check out the original source on the group's website.

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