WINWING Reveals Pre-Order Date for A320 FCU

WINWING, a well-known hardware producer in the mil-sim community has recently expanded into the civil flight sim community with their newest product - a full-size A320 FCU. Known for their hardware, they have established themselves as a high-quality producer of HOTAS, MIP (Main Instrument Panel), rudder pedals, and Joystick grips for various fighter jets.

Showcased a couple of days ago on their YouTube channel, WINWING unveiled the launch of the Full-size FCU for A320. In the trailer, along with the Flight Control Unit, we could notice that EFIS and glare wing are also present in the trailer. Along with the video, the price was also revealed:

Global Shipping - Early Bird Price: 99USD, Official Price: 129.95USD
US Site - Early Bird Price: 99USD, Official Price: 129.95USD
EU Site - Early Bird Price: 93.16€, Official Price: 122.28€
UK Site - Early Bird Price: 79.68EUR, Official Price: 104.59EUR
AUS Site - Early Bird Price: 154.23AUD, Official Price: 202.45 AUD
CAN Site - Early Bird Price: 137.35CAD, Official Price: 180.29 CAD

On their Facebook page, they have unveiled the pre-order date: March 27 at 02:00UTC. They have also disclosed an expected shipping date - which is supposed to be in early May.

The trailer shows that the FCU backlighting can be adjusted, and WINWING claims that it is auto-synced with the plane. All the knobs have the recognizable Airbus push-pull mechanism and the look of the knobs is very similar, if not the same, as in real Airbus. 

The screen panel features two orange integrated LCDs, with realistic segment code. 

One thing that caught my eye, the EXPED button (button under the ALT knob) seems to be missing. It turns out that WINWING decided to make the button unmarked, but still functional. The user can change its functions to their choice (FD, LS, and CSTR buttons are just some of the countless options the user can adjust to their liking).

The third button in the row below, it is a solid color surface. On the WW FCU, it is still a functional button, just styled in this way. Because in reality, the original 320 button is also like this, and the rapid climb and descent function is basically prohibited by airlines for normal use.

It seems that there are more Airbus products in development, in addition to the FCU. Later on in the trailer, EFIS panels and glare-wings are unveiled. Although it is unknown when will these two be released, or what their price will be, we can be sure to expect them in the A320 product lineup. Interestingly enough, this isn’t WINWING’s first Airbus product, as a quick look at their store shows that they also offer A3XX sidestick, which explains why the sidesticks are also colored, along with the glareshield.

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