WorkingTitle release G1000NXi early access for Microsoft Flight Simulator

July 28, 2021

The team over at WorkingTitle have today released their “from the ground up” G1000NXi for Microsoft Flight Simulator as a freeware, early access product. This rendition of the popular avionics suite aims to be as close to the real unit as possible, whilst remaining within the confines of the simulator. 

WorkingTitle are no strangers to the platform, with their modifications for the CJ4 and the other Garmin avionics picking up enough traction to get them officially partnered with the Microsoft team as first-party developers.

The NXi is their first release since this partnership, and arguably their most ambitious project yet. It is worth noting that this initial release is purely designed as early access, to try to find, and fix any major bugs, and finalise the feature set, before eventually being integrated, by default, into the base simulator, as a replacement for all G1000’s.

This is already likely one of the most advanced simulations of a G1000 that we have had in a home simulator, and without a doubt one of the top navigational systems currently available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As a preview, here are some of the features that are already included in the earliest alpha release

. VNAV (including TOD and BOD)

. custom coded autopilot

. custom flight planning system, supporting

procedure turns, DME arcs, RF legs, holds, manual terminations and full RNAV simulation.

It is worth mentioning that on top of the above list, the team plans regular updates to the addon, through the in-sim marketplace, in order to expand its functionality further. 

For pilots wanting to get an early access version of the G1000NXi from WorkingTitle, you can get it, for free, through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.

To keep up to date with the latest developments from the WorkingTitle team, you can join their Discord Server.

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