Wonders of World Part One: Taj Mahal Released

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Freeware developer Ekre has releases part one of a series called Wonders of The World. The series will feature every one of the seven wonders of the world “and even more”. The first of the collection to be released is the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal was constructed between 1632 and 1648 and is situated on the south bank of the Yamuna river in the Indian city of Agra. It attracts crowds of 7-8 million visitors a year and is marked as a world heritage site. Ekre’s scenery utilises FieldNoise to provide an audio guide from Wikipedia.

The next part of the series is the Pyramids of Giza and should be released soon.

The scenery is available to download on the Threshold Forum for free here.

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