Further Previews of MK-Studios Lanzarote for X-Plane

Sam Clark
October 29, 2018

In late September, MK-Studios announced the conversion of their popular Lanzarote scenery, making it their first X-Plane project to date. The conversion was in its early stages when we reported on it last, featuring images of orthoimagery around the Spanish island. Since then, we've heard little out of them regarding X-Plane development.

Previous previews of MK-Studios' Lanzarote for X-Plane showed off orthoimagery around the island.

The popular Prepar3D developer has enlisted the help of Windsock Simulations to aid with the conversion process, and have posted some W.I.P. images on their Facebook page. Windsock Simulations are in the business of converting Prepar3D sceneries to X-Plane, in partnership with ESP-platform developers.

The latest set of previews indicate that the majority of large objects are in place and that the scenery is nearing release.

Earlier posts on the Windsock Simulation page say that expected release is in early November, so expect more news in the next few weeks. Threshold will stay across any developments.

You can see the Windsock Simulations Facebook page here, or see the MK-Studios Lanzarote announcement.