Windsock Simulations Milan Malpensa "Very Near Completion"

Alex John
Sunday, August 25, 2019

Windsock Simulations has shared further previews of Milan Malpensa. Originally created by David Rosenfield, Windsock Simulations are assisting in porting the scenery to X-Plane 11.

The developer said that whilst there are still some things left to do, "it is very near completion."

They said that they were unable to provide a release date due the possibility that "things happen that can hold up releases."

Nonetheless, they shared these previews:

All the latest progress from Windsock Simulations is posted to their Facebook page here.

They also gave an update on Lanzarote eleven days ago, stating the following:

"Hi Guys, we have had a Lot of Questions about the Updates for Lanzarote (SAM) and the Ground Routes + Lighting fixes for Lisbon. the work is done on Both. we are awaiting Uploads on this. so rest Assured the projects have been updated and will be with you Directly very Soon."

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