Windsock Simulations Publishes More Screenshots of Barcelona Airport

July 4, 2020

Further screenshots of Barcelona Airport from Windsock Simulations have been published to the developer's Facebook page. Ten screenshots were featured in total, which look all around the airport and the surrounding area.

Along with these new images, the team announced the airport has entered beta testing and that it can be expected to release as early as the end of the month.

However, highlighting the COVID-19 situation, Windsock Simulations admitted the beta period is to last longer than usual, but added SpainUHD compatibility on a positive note.

"Evening Everyone! Just wanted to share some shots of Barcelona!" said the developer. "The Airport is complete as is the city and orthophoto. and has entered into Beta! we expect Release by the end of the Month at the Earliest...The beta process is as you can imagine a rather long one in our current Covid-19 Lives... We hope you enjoy the shots! And Also to mention, this Airport is fully compatible with SpainUHD. and will include Files for the City to be compatible as well! .. Enjoy"

In the announcement back in April, Windsock Simulations only shared four screenshots of the airport, so today's inclusion of the surrounding environment is particularly fresh.

In recent weeks, Windsock Simulations has pushed through an update for their conversion of MK-Studios' Lisbon with a fix for stand textures and removing the runway lights from runway 17/35, which is said to be shut in the real world.

Furthermore, the developer ran a poll between April and May to gauge what airport the community wanted next, with Madrid–Barajas Airport topping all others.

They said Madrid will take a bit longer than other projects and did not assure firm commitment to the project in the announcement, but a comment in today's post suggested they are indeed pressing ahead with this airport after Keflavik and Menorca.

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