X-Blade Aerospace Simulation Releases Rotor Creekfor X-Plane 11

September 2, 2021

Earlier this week, scenery developer X-Blade Aerospace Simulation released Rotor Creek – Home of Helicopter Flight Training for X-Plane 11. The product, a fictional scenery located in southwest Alaska, “is the most sophisticated Helicopter/ STOL training Heliport on the X-Plane market”.

According to the developers, Rotor Creek features some 1450 low polygon 3D objects, making the area suitable for VR flying. In addition, the scenery includes more than 70 helipads, 4 large dispersals, 2 runways for fixed-winged aircrafts, and obstacles/objects for pilots to navigate. Finally, Rotor Creek comes with “real-world rotorcraft handling qualities training facilities developed in accordance with ADS-33”.

For the full list of features, visit the product’s store page on X-Plane.org.

Currently, the Rotor Creek can be purchased on X-Plane.org for $18.95. The developers recommend that users have at least 4GB of VRAM and 457MB of free storage in order to smoothly install and run the product. 

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