X-Codr Designs Announces Evansville Regional Airport UHD

Sunday, October 13, 2019

With Montgomery Regional Airport, developed in partnership with AeroDesigns behind them, X-Codr Designs has moved on to another project.

Located in the town of Evansville in southern Indiana, the US, Evansville Regional Airport (KEVV) boasts three runways and five jetways to serve more than 200,000 passengers every year.

X-Codr stressed that "the airport has recently undergone a number of changes including a terminal remodel and the shortening and extension of runway 4/22 among other things. All of these changes will be reflected in the scenery."

Some of the features the developer is planning on including are as follows:

Ultra HD Airport
  • High resolution buildings with realistic textures
  • High resolution ground textures with minimal tiling
  • Realistic dirt/grunge effects of buildings and pavement
  • Tons of realistic ground clutter
  • Realistic PBR normal maps add to immersion
  • Many buildings feature lite for fully detailed interiors
  • Ultra realistic night lighting
Living Airport
  • X-Plane 11 native service vehicles
  • Autogate (maybe SAM) support
  • 3D animated people
  • X-Codr Designs SoundXP plugin
  • Support for native and WT3 AI aircraft
High quality vegetation
  • Full 3d grass
  • Full 3d trees
Custom Mesh
  • Realistic slopes and elevation changes through airport
  • High resolution NAIP imagery
Optimized for high performance and VR
  • All 3d trees feature close high detail models and far high performance models
  • All 3d models use LOD technology to stop drawing when out of view to save performance
  • Most textures are compressed to save VRAM and are scaled to their optimal sizes

X-Codr is looking to release the scenery as payware later this year. They also stressed AeroDesigns is not affiliated with the project, but noted they are a great team.

For a few more screenshots and to connect with the developer, see the source post at x-plane.org.

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