X-Crafts Shares New E-Jet Renders for X-Plane

January 19, 2021

After originally announcing a ‘new chapter’ to their E-Jet series back in late November of 2020, X-Crafts has once again taken to their website to provide new previews of the aircraft. This time, the developer is showcasing cockpit renders for the E-Jets.

If you weren’t aware, X-Crafts’ new family of E-Jets will be completely separate to the previous generation. With all variants of the aircraft being “entirely redesigned and recreated from the ground up using cutting edge software and techniques.”

The previews provided by the developer showcase various parts of the flight deck, from the rear door, tiller, and the various panels; the renders also provide an insight into the level of detail we can expect in the flight deck. However, no previews thus far have showcased the aircraft in-sim or with working systems.

An estimated release date hasn’t been hinted at yet by the developer, and no pricing information has been mentioned. However, the developer has confirmed that existing users of the E175 and E195 v2 will be subject to a discount upon release.

You can view the source post for this article from the developer’s website.

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