X-Crafts unveils new aircraft project: ERJ Series

Peter Tram
Monday, August 13, 2018

X-Crafts, known for their E-Jets products has unveiled a brand new airliner project, and what else could it be than another popular jet from Embraer! Many people have been wondering if the developer will expand beyond the E-Jets series. The developer will develop all three jets: E135, E140 and the E145, the E145XR will most likely be simulated as well.

As with the existing product lineup of E-Jets, the ERJs will be at least as detailed as the E-Jets in terms of systems, avionics and plug-ins and it will feature a modified Tekton FMS - which is constantly improving with every new release.

Here are the previews posted on X-Plane.org, the exterior modelling looks very nice indeed:

The 3D model and texturing would surpass the existing E-Jets the developer touts, pushing "these X-Plane add-ons to the next level"

At the moment, there is no ETA on the product's release, and logically so; the current previews are early renders of the 3D Model. Nonetheless, this will be an interesting showdown, as Dan Klaue of Carenado has an ERJ 140 in the works for X-Plane 11 compatibility.


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