X-Codr Designs Announces West Yellowstone Airport (KWYS)

December 2, 2020

X-Plane developer X-Codr Designs has announced his next scenery for the platform will be West Yellowstone (KWYS), located just inside the borders of Idaho, USA.

Taking to the X-Plane.org Forum to share the news, the developer says it is a big undertaking, as the nearby Yellowstone National Park will be recreated as well.

"Today I'm very excited to announce the development of my next payware scenery, KWYS - West Yellowstone Airport and Yellowstone National Park! This scenery will feature a highly detailed rendition of West Yellowstone airport as well as the town of West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park."

"This is a massive project and I'm sure it won't be done this year, but I am super excited to get it finished and ready for all to enjoy as soon as possible!"

In terms of the airport, we can expect the following feature:

  • Ultra detailed buildings
  • High resolution textures
  • PBR normal maps for superb realism
  • Lite interiors for most buildings and detailed interior for terminal
  • Ultra high resolution ground textures
  • Realistic wear and tear
  • 3D vegetation including high performance 3D trees
The current state of Yellowstone National Park in the scenery.

Additionally, the nearby national park will see a mesh accurate to ten metres as well as high definition orthoimagery.

The various hydrothermal attractions, including the geysers and waterfalls in and around Yellowstone, will also be recreated. The former will even be animated, with 'eruptions' due at 'accurate' times.

The town of West Yellowstone will also see some love, though it will only be getting upgraded autogen over full custom modelling - presumably to save performance for what is quite a small village.

You can see the source post for this article on the X-Plane.org Forum.

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