X-Crafts Releases E-Jets Family for X-Plane

May 10, 2023
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X-Crafts have released their updated E-Jets Family for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12. This release follows their older E-Jets and ERJ products. This new version of the E-Jets family covers the E170, E175, E190, and E195 models. The aircraft is a complete rebuild of its original E-Jets family featuring a new authentic FMS and all-new systems. 

The E-Jets family is a collection of regional jets from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. The E170/175 has become wildly popular on short routes in the 70-seat American regional market. The E170/175 Features a range of around 2100 NM while the larger E190/195 jet features a range of 2300 NM. The larger E190/195 has become popular with many larger airlines to serve routes with medium demand. 

The X-Crafts E-Jets family has a large feature list including an authentic FMS, systems that closely simulate the real aircraft, a custom EFB, and custom FMOD sounds. The aircraft comes compatible with both X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 and utilizes SkunkCrafts Auto Updater. Other features include:

Systems & Autopilot

  • All the main aircraft systems were developed based on the real aircraft and from the input of real E-Jet pilots.
  • Custom autopilot modes were developed, including LNAV and VNAV.


  • Exact one-to-one high-resolution rendition of the PFD, MFD and EICAS screens, incorporating the exact colors and fonts.
  • MFD includes a custom high resolution NAV Map, a Vertical Situation Display and all the synoptic pages used for systems overview and revision.
  • Correct Startup Sequence with screens and instruments loading based on the loads on the electrical buses.
  • Two versions of avionics are available for the PFD (Load 25 & Load 27).

Flight Model

  • The flight model was developed by X-Aerodynamics, the industry leader for simulating precise aerodynamics.
  • The flight characteristics and engine performance were tested and approved by real E-Jet pilots.
  • The flight model was optimized for both X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11.


  • Includes an Authentic FMS which functions and feels very much like the FMS on the real plane.
  • Allows the user to fully program flight plans including SIDs, STARs, airways, altitude restrictions, setting PERF data and more.
  • The FMS is tightly linked to the avionics and autopilot. Many Autopilot modes can be used in manual or FMS mode.

Electronic Flight Bag

  • Our new custom EFB is a tablet that gives you access to:
  • Door control & Ground Services
  • Weight & Balance with Simbrief data Import
  • Takeoff & Landing Performance Calculations
  • Checklists (which can be customized)
  • Avitab integration

The aircraft is available from the X-Plane Store with many options to choose from, users can purchase each model individually or as a complete package with all four models. Customers of the X-Crafts E-Jets 2.5 are eligible for a 15% discount on the full family package only. As always stay tuned to Threshold for more news.

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