X-Crafts Announces Free E-Jets for X-Plane 12

X-Crafts have publicly revealed their secret project,  celebrating the 10th anniversary of their first release for X-Plane: Free E-Jets for X-Plane 12!

The free package will feature their older freeware E175 and E195, which were updated, enhanced, and fully optimized for X-Plane 12. The enhancements include a higher resolution map displaying a top-of-descent indication, seamless visualization of ILS deviations using the preview mode while still in LNAV, and more. They emphasize that it will still be far from the real thing, but they have made it much more enjoyable.

They are also running a big giveaway to celebrate their new milestone, with a chance to win many of their products and even a ticket to FSExpo 2024. More information is available here.

The complete changelog with the many changes will be soon posted on their website, and the expected release date is around the end of April. 

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