X-Crafts Make E175 & E195 Freeware

February 11, 2023

X-Crafts first released their E175 and E195 to the X-plane market many years ago now and they have long been a popular product among virtual pilots. The development team have taken to the X-Plane.org Forums to announce that their original E range (175 & 195) would now be free, for everyone to enjoy! 

X-Crafts have said: 

“ as we are coming closer and closer to finishing the new E-Jets Family by X-Crafts which will surpass the older E-Jets in every way, we are offering the X-Plane 11 version of our previous E175 v2.5 & E195 v2.5 entirely for free to the whole community!”

You can download the aircraft on the X–Plane.org Forums now! 

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