xEnviro 1.11 Released

Sam Clark
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Weather solution xEnviro has seen a small update, bringing it up to version 1.11. This follows the long awaited released of version 1.10, which was in-development for over a year.

The update comes with a list of "known issues", much like that of it's predecessor. The list of issues remains the same as 1.10.

Here's the changelog:


  • Brightness slider.
  • Contrast slider.
  • Vibrance slider.
  • Gamma slider.
  • Button to close the Briefing window.
  • Control water waves checkbox.


  • Noise mixing law for cumulus clouds.
  • Noise mixing law for cumulonimbus clouds.
  • Coverage procedures adjusted to match new cloud laws.
  • Basic volume sampling optimization.
  • Cloud Settings changed to Rendering Settings.
  • Simple preset changed to Natural.
  • Full preset changed to Vivid.
  • Settings window controls and elements positions.


  • In cloud effect checkbox.

Known issues

  • Precipitation follows camera
  • Unnatural cloud formations at high levels or squared sectors of clouds
  • Snow coverage may appear in the regions where no snowfall encountered recently
  • Default X-Plane night triggers lights artifacts

To update to version 1.11, re-download from the store of purchase.

You can purchase xEnviro 1.11 for $69.90 USD from the Threshold Store here.

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