X-Europe v4.1 Update Released

January 15, 2020

simHeaven have released Version 4.1 of X-Europe today bringing a plethora of new features to the already expansive freeware addon. For those unfamiliar with X-Europe, the product uses OSM (Open Street Map) data to accurately draw the infrastructure of Europe using Laminar Research’s default 3D objects. Today's update follows the release of version 4 at the start of the month, addressing many of the bugs present in the major update which rung in the new decade.

Such a product is aimed at VFR pilots as most VFR maps contain landmarks, such as roads, which are used to properly navigate the aircraft. Although X-Europe very thoroughly covers the continent, the latest update, version 4.1, adds even more areas to the map.

Some important items covered in version 4.1 include the correction of VFR textures at Sparrenburg in Germany and Bremen Alter Wasserturm. For those unfamiliar with these two areas, Sparrenburg is a historic castle in Germany and Bremen Alter Wasserturm is an area located just north of Hanover. 

The Greek region has also been expanded to cover Cyprus, the third most inhabited island in the Mediterranean known for its immense beauty which attracts many tourists. The majority of the remaining notes in the changelog are small graphical improvements or autogen fixes. 

Here's the full list of changes:


  • Bielefeld Germany Sparrenburg added
  • Bremen Alter Wasserturm added


  • Greece region expanded to Cyprus
  • some objects and facades corrected


  • reworked, less scrubs, completely new


  • tile +50+006 fixed


  • breakwater polygons near LPFL deleted
  • some facades corrected
  • library corrected, wetland and ground polygons (for orthos) changed
  • Four Seasons implemented in library
  • some tiles having OSM errors (tall buildings) corrected


  • reduced to autogen houses (no additional vegetation)

You can find the full changelog on simHeaven’s website, or the download page here.

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