simHeaven Teases X-Africa & X-America Alongside X-Europe Update

November 28, 2020

Creators of the X-Europe package for X-Plane, simHeaven have teased their intentions to move away from the world's third most populous continent with the quiet announcement of X-Africa and X-America.

Actually announced last month, the two new scenery packages will act very similarly to the European pack, with the familiar four-layer scenery carried over.

New York in the X-America beta.

In terms of X-America, the package covers the entire landmass, from Alaska to Ushuaia - the developer is appealing for help with the getting the correct art style for the continent, saying the following in a blog post from October:

"There is a beta version having houses in European style. I will rework layer 4-scenery and change red roof houses to gray roof, change building for central and south America, but actually I am still looking for support doing the houses in American style, which is different from European houses."

"If you could help with doing objects in different sizes, please let me know. I intend to use these objects even for Asia and Australia which will follow after America."

Both products now have betas available, which can be downloaded from here.

Jumping forward somewhat, version 5.3 of X-Europe has been released today and is available either as a full download for new users or those who have versions older than v5.2 - or, if you have the preceding 5.2 or 5.2.1 versions, as an update file.

The update to seasons sees the new VFR objects added in v5.3 become compatible with the seasons functionality.

Additionally, there is a new modification available that can either reduce or remove vegetation from the sides of highways and to remove phantom tunnels which tend to appear on X-Plane's tile borders.

A before/after comparison of the new network modification.

You can learn more on the simHeaven website.

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