simHeaven Releases X-Europe V4.2

Alex John
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The popular scenery addon X-Europe - a freeware product that relies on OpenStreetMap data rather than default autogen - has received an update.

V4.2 adds 170 new VFR objects including navigational aids, facades, and adjustments to further improve the scenery.

As noted on the download page, V4.2 consists of the following changes:

  • 170 new objects
  • Greece: object market1_24x60x1_Benny fixed
  • Trees at footways/paths removed
  • New facades: school, kindergarten, riding hall, sports hall, fitness center, train station, public, government
  • New objects: bus stop, VORs, NDBs, pavilions
  • More facades to house objects
  • FlyAgi Vegetation reworked
  • Python script to configure density of forests
  • Platforms, underpasses corrected
  • Added vegetation to folders 40+020/30, +50+020/30, +60+010/20/30, +70+020/30
  • Newly generated using actual OSM data

The download size now sits at 7.6GB, with an extracted file size of 14.6GB.

The developer said: "I would be happy to get some feedback and/or you may consider about a donation if you like the work. If you discover any issue, please send me a mail."

Some of the new facades included in the new update are shown below.

The scenery can be downloaded from simHeaven's website.

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