X-Crafts Posts Demo of E-Jet Update

September 13, 2022

The X-Crafts team has taken to their YouTube Channel and posted a full flight video in their rendition of the Embraer E-195 demonstrating the new FMS, new autopilot systems, and new displays.

While most of the team has remained tight-lipped since the FSExpo Showcase, the team has brung steady work and the continuous development of their E-Jets Family. 

The video starts off at LOWW and showcases the complete programming of the WIP FMC, and shows off the new EFB, with at a glance looks to include takeoff and landing perfs, checklists, ground service, and integrated Avitab, along with a weight and balance tab. Ending the video off, the demo ends with the programming once again of the FMC for landing at LYBE, and we watch as the aircraft comes to the gate and ends the flight.

Note that this product is still very much a WIP. The team has stated that there will be a paid upgrade for XP12 for both the E175 and E195.  No ETA has been stated by the development team.

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