xOrganizer V3 for X-Plane 12 Available Now

Popular third party addon xOrganizer has officially been released for X-Plane 12 and is available now via the X-Plane.Org Store.

xOrganizer is a third-party software that gives accessability and users a peace of mind when it comes to their files. While the structuring for X-Plane files can be simple, it can be challenging for new users to overcome that roadblock on their simulation journey. xOrganizer helps assist those users into structuring everything from the scenerypackages.ini file, to making sure all aircraft are up to do date.

While it can keep the proper order of your scenery files, xOrganizer is also includes a scenery map, detailing where and what scenery packages you have installed and the package X-Plane is currently using. In a simple UI, it outlines plugins, aircraft, and scenery, and gives the option to the user whether or not they use the assistance of software. Customizablity is also added for the extra touch and accessablity for users. If you are interested in the full feature list, you can view it on their store page.

If you interested in upgrading or purchasing this product for yourself, you can find it over at the X-Plane.Org Store. For v2 customers, check your account page and you'll see a discount code you can use at checkout.

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