Laminar Research Announces Full XP12 Release

November 6, 2022
nobody, apparently.

The team at Laminar Research has formally announced that the full release of X-Plane 12 will occur sometime in December. This announcement comes as a shock to many as the alpha phase of XP12 has only been in session for only a couple of months.

The team at Laminar Research is confident in pushing the release of XP12 to other medians such as DVD disks, though the release of a disk will be available in early 2023.

Many people are looking forward to an improved Airbus A330 with a custom MCDU instead of the default XP FMS. Laminar did provide screenshots of the MCDU to attendees, showcasing what has been worked on.

Many are excited for Laminar to release the next-gen simulator fully, whilst some believe that it is a very optimistic decision on Laminar’s part. Though, it was disclosed that work will continue on the alpha version before the final release.

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