Threshold Exclusive: X-Plane Multiplayer a 'Short-Term Goal' for Laminar Research

Sam Clark
Sunday, June 16, 2019

In an interview with Threshold's very own Scott Havener, Laminar Research founder Austin Meyer exclusively informed us of plans for an upcoming X-Plane desktop multiplayer system.

Havener probes about X-Plane's goals both in the immediate future and in times further off. A number of points are covered in Meyer's answer, including new default aircraft - a large portion of which revolves around his Lancair Evolution - but most interestingly, he talks about a multiplayer system users have been yearning for years. He describes this as a "short-term goal."

The Laminar head says he's just hired a new staff member, Jörg, who's role exclusively revolves around what he calls "networking". Meyer goes on to explain the term 'networking' in his vision for X-Plane Multiplayer;

"Networking [must be] solid, bulletproof and global, which means if you're in Chicago and someone else is in Taiwan, you guys can fly multiplayer together."

The snippet of this audio is available at 3:43 in our interview.

The F-14 Tomcat is being "looked at" by Laminar artists.

Also touched on in the rare tell-all interview at FlightSimExpo is default aircraft and whether there are new models in line for future updates. Meyer, as mentioned, is very much in favour of getting his Lancair Evolution into the sim.

He also speaks of an F-14 Tomcat joining the default aircraft suite, something that was revealed exclusively to Threshold back in September with X-Plane 11.30's release notes. You can read more about the F-14 for X-Plane here.

You can see the full interview with Austin Meyer here.

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