ToLiss A319 in-sim with X-Plane Vulkan

Sam Clark
Friday, August 30, 2019

X-Plane developer Laminar Research is in the process of porting all of their simulator to the Vulkan platform and appears to be making light work of the task, as they're already at the stage of testing the simulator with various OpenGL-generation 3rd party addons.

In today's Facebook post, Laminar have shown off some test flights they've been running with ToLiss' A319 on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney in the latest test build.

"The aircraft systems were drawn by OpenGL while the rest of the sim is running Vulkan. That represents some code Kung Fu but our team was up to the task!"

The X-Plane developer went on to affirm that one of their biggest considerations is to maintain compatibility with the many complex 3rd party addons.

Sidney Just was at the helm of the test flight, saying this once he'd touched down: "The flight was buttery smooth. No stutter at any point."

If you'd like to learn more about X-Plane's upcoming Vulkan update, check out a previous article here.

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