X-Codr Releases Free Sedona Airport Update for X-Plane 12

October 27, 2022

X-Codr has updated their Sedona Airport (KSEZ) scenery, ensuring compatibility with X-Plane 12 and adding many new features, such as improved textures, animated 3D grass and people, and hand-sculpted 3D rock formations for the surrounding valley. 

The revamp also includes the addition of detailed 3D interiors and optimization work to ensure the scenery runs well on a wide range of hardware. The complete feature list follows down below:

Ultra detailed rendition of KSEZ - Sedona

  • Buildings are detailed down to door handles and gutters
  • Most "feature buildings" have full 3d interiors, including food on the restaurant table
  • High quality normal maps utilize X-Plane 12's gorgeous photometric PBR rendering engine
  • High quality realistic ground textures
  • Hand crafted detail textures and detail normals add unparalleled detail with virtually indistinguishable tiling
  • Hand painted, subtle grunge overlays for the whole airport make the airport feel life like and natural.
  • Up to date layout as of 2021 including significant changes to the center-north ramp

Living Airport

  • Cars will randomly wander the airport roads, and occasionally drive up to the gate, open it, and drive to a spot on the apron.
  • 3D animated people
  • 3D animated trees using X-Plane 12's new forest system
  • 3D animated grass and shrubs

Custom surroundings

  • Generic, regionally appropriate autogen for the surrounding valley
  • Stunning hand crafted rock formations for most of the Sedona Valley
  • Low poly landmarks (schools, old stadium, etc)
  • Custom Ortho4XP Mesh
  • Custom UHD Mesh V4 overlays (courtesy AlpilotX, used with his permission)
  • Optimized for excellent performance. VR ready, constant 60 fps with near max settings on high end systems.

It’s available on the X-Plane.Org Store for $21.95, requiring at least 3GB of free disk space to install.  Current owners of the X-Plane 11 version get the update for free.

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