X-Works A340 For XP12 Released

Popular X-plane freeware Developers X-Works have released their latest Airbus Creation for X-Plane 12. The new Freeware A340 will bring the avid Airbus flight sim captain a delightful smile. 

Initially, today, there was some trouble from a few community members who decided to keep pressuring the development team into announcing a release time. Much to the backlash of some in the community,  X-Works postponed the release of the aircraft in an attempt to put out the fire that was burning in their Discord. I’ll leave it to those in the community to decide whether this helped. 

The aircraft is loosely based on the Default A330 Platform but V1 will include the following additions and changes:

  • Custom made CFM56-C engines
  • the center gear has been added
  • The center doors have been added.
  • the cockpit has 4 engine throttle levers
  • The ecam systems has been modified to fit the 4 engines
  • Engine Thrust, Fuel consumption and aircraft fuel load has been modified.
  • Engine Fire indicators are added on the overhead panel.

After a controversial and far from smooth release day, however, the A340 is finally here, and Sim pilots can now enjoy the four-engined beast in all her glory. 

The aircraft can be downloaded via a link in the X-works Discord server. 

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