X-Works announces A380 for X-Plane 12

X-Works, a freeware development group known for mods for default A330 in X-Plane 12 announced on April 1st that they are developing A380 for X-Plane. Many were puzzled if this was just a joke or a real project, so we decided to investigate a bit…

A short conversation with the main developer of this project solved this interesting April Fools’ enigma. We are glad to announce that the X-Works A380 mod is indeed - a real project!

Bru_aviationspotter, one of two main developers in this project was kind enough to answer some of our questions, and provide us with more previews of A380!

What is your estimation for the release date?

“We have come a long way with the exterior model but we certainly have a long way ahead so don’t expect it to be released in the near future. Looking at other developers a plane is not made within a few months or a year but because it’s a complicated plane and my first time that I make a plane from scratch this will take longer.”

How far has the plane progressed?

“I made a little progress chart where you can see what has been done and what needs to happen or how far we are in working on that part of the plane.”

What inspired you to start this project?

“I wanted an A380 in XP for a long time, and when I realised that no other developer wanted to work on it, I decided to make it myself.”

As you can see in the screenshots, the fuselage is nearly done, and developers are currently in the modelling phase, working on the landing gear to be precise.

We wish X-Works success in further developing! As always, Threshold will keep you updated with the progress of A380.

What do you think about this project? Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments!

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