X-Works Release A330-900NEO Mod for X-Plane 12

October 15, 2022

X-Works have released their A330-900neo mod for the Laminar Research A330-300 in X-Plane 12. They have worked hard as a team to bring this modification together for users to enjoy the newest variant of the A330. During the time this aircraft modification has been in development , the development team has given sneak peaks and modeling updates to show the progress of the A330-900neo.

X-Works have also stated, “If you are on windows: DO NOT update to beta 7! Laminar broke the A330-300 and thus our mod too.” If you want to use this modification you will have to avoid the latest X-Plane 12 BETA update until a fix has been brought out to the Laminar Research.

Features of the X-Works A330-900neo:

  • Fully remade wings, engines and fairings
  • Custom wing flex
  • Custom reverse
  • Custom flaps/slats
  • Custom Speedbrake
  • Custom gear door animations

To obtain this modification, you can head over to X-Plane.to to download it for Free. To install, you simply duplicate the default Laminar Research A330 folder and drag the new files in, overwrite when prompted to.

If you would like to download liveries for this aircraft, then you can head over to their discord server where they have a selection of liveries.

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