X-WORLD Europe Released For X-Plane 12

September 11, 2022

Highly popular scenery package X-World developed by SimHeaven has released its European scenery package for X-Plane 12! In a post on their website, SimHeaven have announced the free scenery package which is now available.

The post on their website states;

"X-World continues for X-Plane 12 the successful and high quality sceneries for X-Plane 11 like X-Europe, X-America and so on. Objects are not set by an autogen rule, they are set  following OSM data in addition with Microsoft building footprints, which leads to a more realistic look and feel."

SimHeaven go on to further explain;

"X-WORLD is a series of scenery packages covering the whole world, each continental package is separate available:

X-World_Africa, X-World_America, X-World_Antarctica, X-World_Asia, X-World_Australia-Oceania, X-World_Europe"

The download for X-Europe can be found here.

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