Star Atlas Updates Beijing Daxing to Version 1.3

Luke Phillips
Sunday, February 23, 2020

Asian Developer, Star Atlas, has updated their Beijing Daxing to Version 1.3. The update adds new features like redrawn 4K aprons as well as new, and better-optimised models (full changelog below).

Star Atlas originally released Beijing Daxing in November 2019 after a freeware release which is available on the Threshold Forum.

Beijing Daxing Airport was opened to the public in late September 2019. It is now nicknamed the Starfish due to the shape of its terminal. The size of the terminal makes it one of the largest in the world, costing $11.4 billion USD to construct.

Here’s the full feature list:

  • Ortho Hue and Saturation (Completely removed the light green to be more visually realistic)
  • Draped shadows are now applied on all customized vehicles, which took quite some time
  • Greatly optimized vehicle models, reduced up to 80% faces compares to the previous
  • Redrew the 4K apron texture, now with PBR attribution and a more obvious visual effect
  • Harden the terminal viaduct, which you can literally drive, or land on it…
  • Fixed the transparency error while viewing the terminal from the distance (caused by LOD)
  • Increased the HDR dynamic light spill diameter back to the normality (Reduced in v1.1)
  • Retextured T2 construction sites (the draft model), which 4K texture now has been applied
  • Added some nice-looking ground markings for vehicle lane inside of the airport boundary
  • Redrew the ortho nearby T2 sites, and removed the ground texture (which was a fig leaf before…)
  • Fixed some of the ground route which caused the vehicles to cross taxiway savagely
  • Service trucks can now perform reverse parking technique, no more collision with the wall!

Star Atlas’ Beijing Daxing can be purchased at the Threshold store for $21.80.

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