Zero Dollar Payware Releases Louisville Airport (KSDF)

Sam Clark
Thursday, August 1, 2019

Although Zero Dollar Payware is a name new to the freeware scenery scene, the developer behind it, Stable System, is in no way a rookie when it comes to X-Plane development, as he's published many a mod or livery for a wide variety of addons.

The first scenery released under the brand is Easterwood Field (KCLL) back in 2018, which we featured in our No Money Monday series back in May. At that time, Louisville was still in beta stage.

The open beta of Louisville ran until v0.7.1 where it became final earlier today. There is no feature list available on the download, however, it is SAM compatible.

Required 3rd party libraries include the MisterX6 Library, the RA Library, the PP Library and the SAM Library. You can find out more on the download page here.

To learn more, see the download page here.

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