Zibo B737-800X Update 3.34 Released

Monday, July 8, 2019

The largely popular B737-800X by Zibo has been updated to version 3.34, after a couple of months of development. Highlights of the update include curved magenta lines, ground vehicles, many changes and additions to the underlying code, and more.

3.34 was confirmed to be final by Zibo in this forum post.

We've collated the following changelog from the very long release candidacy stage.

Release candidate 1 saw a small number of changes:

  • New flight model 3.1 by Twkster
  • Add support ASXP metar via FMC
  • Correction models/textures by AudioBirdXP
  • Corrected systems

Release candidate 2 then followed, this time containing a larger list of additions and modifications:

  • Add curved lines for route
  • ASU 3D model by Jorge
  • Add start engine with ASU
  • New code for duct pressure (add modeled engine starter valve,...)
  • Improved and fixed LNAV code (terminate RF legs, turn,...)
  • Fixed bugs for MCP speed dial during takeoff
  • Tuned code for taxi
  • Custom code for start engines
  • New code for control AP (speed, altitude, heading, courses) and pressurization panel (flight altitude, landing altitude) - values are changed by speed of turn - you can on/off in EFB (Hardware settings)
  • Corrected systems (tape bugs "parking", .....)
  • Add variant for COM radios - 2 or 3 decimal place
  • Fixed vortex effect
  • Graphics corrections by AudiobirdXP (cockpit,...)

Finally, release candidate 3, contains the following changelog:

  • Improved and tuned LVLCHG, VNAV and LNAV code
  • Thicker route line
  • Improved code for detect other planes (for TCAS)
  • Fixed calculation xtrack
  • EFIS: PLN mode available without IRS alignment
  • ISA DEV/QNH - you can entry both values at the same time on Forecast page
  • FIX page: you can entry radial and distance at the same time
  • Add own code for flaps limit and overspeed (always working)
  • add De-ice truck (animation, fluid particle) - modeled by Jorge
  • New code for wing anti-ice with fluid de-ice
  • Modeled ASU air bleed duct pressure during start ASU
  • Modeled APU air bleed duct after start APU (modeled establish APU)
  • Fixed bugs
  • Update FMOD by AudiobirdXP to version 1904REV1

As always, the recent changelog and donate, download and further links are available to view here.

Note: If you are unable to download the zip file due to the download quota being exceeded, right-click the zip file, add to drive, then download the copy from your drive.

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